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I have had a life long interest in birds. They have brought joy to an increasing number of people around the world but especially in Canada. In recent years I have noticed an alarming decline in many species I once considered a common part of my world. Bird populations are of course the proverbial canary in the coal mine. The health of their populations relates to the health of humans. The Breeding Bird Atlas puts scientific muscle behind vague impressions. It also stimulates public awareness and even that sense of joy I had in my youth. — Robert Bateman, Patron of the Atlas. Photo by Birgit Freybe Bateman.

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The Canadian Intermountain Joint Venture (CIJV) Management Board recognises that the Atlas will provide a critical foundation to bird conservation in British Columbia, and unanimously endorsed the project at their Board Meeting on 20 November 2007.

British Columbia is an important part of the Pacific Coast Joint Venture. The BC Breeding Bird Atlas will provide much needed information for conservation planning. The PCJV Management Board fully supports this effort." - Tom Dwyer, US Co-Chair of the Pacific Coast Joint Venture.

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Welcome to the British Columbia
Breeding Bird Atlas!

Following five years of bird surveys by over 1000 participants, 54,000 observation hours, and covering nearly 450,000 square kilometers - about half of British Columbia's rugged terrain - the B.C. Breeding Bird Atlas is nearing completion! Volunteer birdwatchers and professional biologists contributed +597,000 and breeding observations from locations throughout the province. Over 300 species of birds breed each year in B.C. - more than any other province in Canada. Sixty five species breed nowhere else in Canada and for several other species, B.C. holds the majority of the world population. Our province therefore plays a pivotal role in Canada's bird conservation efforts.

The mapping and account writing are now underway. Bird Studies Canada's data specialists are compiling and analyzing the huge quantities of bird records collected. Once all the data has been fully collated, reviewed, and entered, a series of maps for all the province's bird species will be compiled. One set of maps will show the presence of birds within the Atlas squares, while the second set will show the probability of occurrence of the species based on point counts and habitat suitability.

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What is an Atlas

Mapping birds is quickly becoming a world-wide phenomenon. It is fun to participate of course, but the results are an invaluable foundation of information for conserving birds and their ecosystems. Not long ago, atlases were books of maps but more recently atlases have on-line versions that are interactive. The BC Breeding Bird Atlas will be on-line and we hope to have a book too. To find out more, click here.


From 2008-2012, over 1000 participants worked hard to put BC birds on the map! Data are already being put to use to better understand and conserve BC's birds. Thank you to all our volunteers and regional coordinators who made this project possible.

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