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The BC Breeding Bird Atlas is a partnership between government, the private sector and conservation organizations. The purpose is to establish a scientifically designed atlas of breeding bird distribution and abundance in British Columbia. The project forms a foundation in the conservation strategies for issues such as species at risk, environmental assessment, incidental take and habitat management by the federal and provincial governments, and it will be valuable source of information for everyone interested in birds.

The British Columbia Breeding Birds Atlas if the result of a partnership between the following organizations.

Bird Studies Canada is a proud partner in British Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas project. BSC is Canada's largest non-government organization dedicated to the study of wild birds and their habitats, drawing upon the skills and enthusiasm of volunteers who are engaged in meaningful "citizen science." For more information, contact: Bird Studies Canada, P.O. Box 160, Port Rowan, ON, N0E 1M0. Toll free, 1-888-448-BIRD; fax: 519-586-3532;; Web:
Environment Canada's Canadian Wildlife Service manages wildlife matters that are the responsibility of the federal government.These include protection and management of migratory birds, nationally significant habitat, and species at risk, as well as work on other wildlife issues of national and international importance. The department does research in many fields of wildlife biology and provides incentive programs for wildlife and habitat stewardship. As such, Environment Canada is pleased to support the British Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas. For more information, visit:
The Ministry of Environment plays an essential role in encouraging and supporting the efforts of British Columbians to maintain a healthy environment and the important benefits that accompany it enhanced human health, sustainable economic development and a high quality of life. We work to protect, manage and enhance the province's natural environment to help ensure that the benefits we enjoy today will be available for our children and grandchildren in the future. We champion environmental stewardship, provide environmental educational and promotional opportunities, engage stakeholders, and vigorously promote the sustainable use of the province's environmental resources. We strive to enhance the protection and stewardship of water and air resources, ensure that healthy and diverse native species and ecosystems are maintained and that outstanding recreation and wildlife services and opportunities are available to all.
The British Columbia Field Ornithologists was formed in 1991. The purposes of the society are: 1. To promote the study and enjoyment of wild birds in British Columbia. 2. To disseminate knowledge and appreciation of birds to our members and to the general public through the regular publication of a journal and newsletter. 3. To foster cooperation between amateur and professional ornithologists, and to support the research programs of the Royal British Columbia Museum, federal and provincial wildlife agencies, and the universities, by promoting cooperative research programs, bird migration and population surveys, Christmas Bird Counts, and bird atlas programs. 4. To support natural history and conservation organizations in their efforts to preserve birds and their habitats.
BC Nature (Federation of BC Naturalists) is the umbrella organization representing 50 local natural history clubs throughout BC. BC Nature is involved in education, stewardship and conservation, and works to protect biodiversity, species at risk, parks and other natural areas throughout the province. Our members participate in many groups that help shape public policy on our environment. Our member clubs are at the forefront of many conservation and stewardship projects. Since becoming a registered society in 1969, we have been working towards the goals of education and conservation, reflected in our motto: "To Know Nature and To Keep It Worth Knowing".
The Biodiversity Centre for Wildlife Studies is a unique, non-profit Society in British Columbia, dedicated to the understanding and conservation of all wildlife in the province. This is primarily facilitated through the Wildlife Data Centre, the location for amassing, storing, processing, and presenting summary information and data on British Columbia Wildlife.
Louisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd. is the Canadian subsidiary of LP Corporation, a building products company based in Nashville, Tennessee. LP has operations across the United States, Canada and in Chile. LP is the largest producer of oriented strand board (OSB) in North America, and all forests managed by LP are certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) environmental certification program. Within British Columbia, LP operates mills in Dawson Creek and Golden. The company supports many projects related to forestry and wildlife.
The Pacific Wildlife Foundation is a non-profit coastal and marine research and education society that inspires an appreciation for objective scientific research and conservation of the ocean. We conduct original research, develop novel education programs, and inspire an appreciation for conservation of the ocean.


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