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The Atlas project is fun, informative, healthy, and simple to do. Over the next 5 years, we will be looking for volunteers.

Owls are different in a couple of ways from other birds in terms of the atlassing strategies needed to detect them. " read more for tips on finding BC owls.

State of Birds
A 2007 study by the National Audubon Society reported widespread declines among some North American birds. Read the report. Also visit the North American Breeding Bird Survey

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People often ask me what they can do for bird conservation. Join the atlas project! It is fun and the results are part of a foundation for conservation in British Columbia for years to come. - Rob Butler, Atlas Coordinator

Bienvenue à L'Atlas des oiseaux
nicheurs de Colombie-Britannique!

Birds can tell us important things about our environment. Their presence and abundance provide an early warning of the state of ecosystems and their eggs and tissues track trends of contaminants in the environment.

Over 300 species of birds breed each year in British Columbia - more than any other province in Canada. Sixty-five species breed nowhere else in Canada and for several other species, British Columbia holds the majority of the world population. For these reasons, British Columbia plays a pivotal role in Canada's bird conservation efforts.

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What is an Atlas

Mapping birds is quickly becoming a world-wide phenomenon. It is fun to participate of course, but the results are an invaluable foundation of information for conserving birds and their ecosystems. Not long ago, atlases were books of maps but more recently atlases have on-line versions that are interactive. The BC Breeding Bird Atlas will be on-line and we hope to have a book too. To find out more, click here.

Join the atlas!

Anyone can participate in the Atlas. All you need is a pair of binoculars and some birdwatching experience or the desire to learn about birds. You need to be able to identify birds correctly but you do not need to be expert - all records are welcome. All data are entered on-line and the results will appear on this web site.

After you register to the Atlas, you will receive the instructions and forms necessary. You should also get in touch with the regional coordinator in the area(s) that you are interested.

The coordinator will recommend an area (10x10 km square) where you should plan to spend at least 20 hours over the 5 years of the project. You are also strongly encourage to report observations done outside of your square, anywhere else in B.C.

A statement from our patron

I have had a life long interest in birds. They have brought joy to an increasing number of people around the world but especially in Canada. In recent years I have noticed an alarming decline in many species I once considered a common part of my world. Bird populations are of course the proverbial canary in the coal mine. The health of their populations relates to the health of humans. The Breeding Bird Atlas puts scientific muscle behind vague impressions. It also stimulates public awareness and even that sense of joy I had in my youth. — Robert Bateman, Patron of the Atlas. Photo by Birgit Freybe Bateman.


Liste des participants ayant contribué le plus à la récolte des données. Pour voir la liste complète, cliquez ici.


Oiseaux du mois

Mountain Bluebird, photo: Ian Routley

Mountain Bluebirds are found throughout much of BC in woodland openings, farmlands, burned forest or clearcuts. They are secondary cavity nesters and rely on other birds, such as woodpeckers, to excavate natural tree cavities. Bluebirds in general have benefited from nestbox programs such as the Southern Interior Bluebird Trail Society that put up and monitor nestboxes. These nestboxes are also beneficial to other cavity-nesting birds including swallows, chickadees, and wrens.

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