Material for Atlassers

The following material was provided to participants of the BC Breeding Bird Atlas (2008-2012), and have been made available as reference material for users of the book, data or analysis.

Guide for Atlassers

Printable Atlas Data Forms

You can download a copy of the Guide for Atlassers in PDF format (updated 9 April 2009).
If you already have an older version of the guide, you may want to download only the Addendum in PDF format (updated March 2009).
Modified Atlas survey procedure for 2012 field season
Instructions for the Daily observation form are also available.
Please ensure that you print those forms on a high quality printer if you intend to return them to the Atlas Office. Also ensure that the corners (black boxes) and the form identification number are legible on the printed copies.


Suggested data forms by region: Southern Interior: regions 1-10, 12, 25-28; Coastal: regions 11, 13-24, 34-36; Northern Interior: regions 29-33, 37-29; Northeast: regions 40-41



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