Atlas Partners

The Atlas of the Breeding Birds of British Columbia is a broad-based partnership between conservation organizations, the public, government, and the private sector. It has been coordinated by the staff of Bird Studies Canada (BSC), guided by a Steering Committee composed of representatives of the major partners in the project. It is part of a national conservation program led by Bird Studies Canada and Environment Canada in partnership with provincial governments, natural history organisations and the private sector, to better understand, appreciate and conserve birds, habitats and landscapes.

Bird Studies Canada (BSC) is Canada’s leading national charity dedicated to bird science and conservation, and a strong partner in BirdLife International, the world’s largest conservation alliance for nature and people, active in more than 120 countries and territories. BSC’s mission is to conserve the wild birds of Canada through sound science, on-the-ground actions, innovative partnerships, public engagement and science-based advocacy. Much of our work is achieved by drawing on the skills and enthusiasm of volunteer “citizen scientists.” For more information, contact: Bird Studies Canada, P.O. Box 160, Port Rowan, ON, N0E 1M0. Toll free, 1-888-448-BIRD; e-mail:; web:
Environment Canada manages wildlife matters that are the responsibility of the federal government. These include protection and management of Migratory Birds, nationally significant habitat, and Species at Risk, as well as monitoring and research on other wildlife issues of national and international importance. The department does research in many fields of wildlife biology and provides incentive programs for wildlife and habitat stewardship. As such, Environment Canada is pleased to support the British Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas. Read about Environment Canada’s work on Migratory Birds here.
The British Columbia Ministry of Environment plays an essential role in encouraging and supporting the efforts of British Columbians to maintain a healthy environment and the important benefits that accompany it enhanced human health, sustainable economic development and a high quality of life. We work to protect, manage and enhance the province’s natural environment to help ensure that the benefits we enjoy today will be available for our children and grandchildren in the future. We champion environmental stewardship, provide environmental educational and promotional opportunities, engage stakeholders, and vigorously promote the sustainable use of the province’s environmental resources. We strive to enhance the protection and stewardship of water and air resources, ensure that healthy and diverse native species and ecosystems are maintained and that outstanding recreation and wildlife services and opportunities are available to all.

The British Columbia Field Ornithologists was formed in 1991. The purposes of the society are: 1. To promote the study and enjoyment of wild birds in British Columbia. 2. To disseminate knowledge and appreciation of birds to our members and to the general public through the regular publication of a journal and newsletter. 3. To foster cooperation between amateur and professional ornithologists, and to support the research programs of the Royal British Columbia Museum, federal and provincial wildlife agencies, and the universities, by promoting cooperative research programs, bird migration and population surveys, Christmas Bird Counts, and bird atlas programs. 4. To support natural history and conservation organizations in their efforts to preserve birds and their habitats.

BC Nature (Federation of BC Naturalists) is the umbrella organization representing 50 local natural history clubs throughout British Columbia. BC Nature is involved in education, stewardship and conservation, and works to protect biodiversity, species at risk, parks and other natural areas throughout the province. Our members participate in many groups that help shape public policy on our environment. Our member clubs are at the forefront of many conservation and stewardship projects. Since becoming a registered society in 1969, we have been working towards the goals of education and conservation, reflected in our motto: “To Know Nature and To Keep It Worth Knowing”.
Louisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd. is the Canadian subsidiary of LP Corporation, a building products company based in Nashville, Tennessee. LP has operations across the United States, Canada and in Chile. LP is the largest producer of oriented strand board (OSB) in North America, and all forests managed by LP are certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) environmental certification program. Within British Columbia, LP operates mills in Dawson Creek, Fort St.John and Golden. The company supports many projects related to forestry and wildlife.

The Pacific Wildlife Foundation is a non-profit coastal and marine research and education society. We conduct original, objective, scientific research, develop novel education programs, and inspire an appreciation for conservation of the ocean.

Project Personnel

The Atlas of the Breeding Birds of British Columbia extends sincere thanks to the partner organisations and individuals who contributed significant time and effort on the various Atlas committees. ∗ served as ex-officio members.

Committee Members

Steering Committee
Chair: Dick Cannings (2007-2014)
Elsie Krebs (2007-2014)
Nancy Mahony (2007-2014)
Dave Fraser (2007-2014)
Myke Chutter (2007-2014)
Peter Davidson (2007-2014)
Jude Grass (2007-2014)
Anne Murray (2007-2014)
Bev Ramey (2007-2012)
George Clulow (2010-2014)
Kevin Bell (2007-2010)
Mark Phinney (2007-2014)
Andrew Couturier∗ (2007–2014)
Denis Lepage∗ (2007–2014)
Christopher Di Corrado∗ (2007–2014)
Rob Butler∗ (2007–2014)
Technical Sub-committee
Chair: Nancy Mahony (2007-2014)
Andrew Couturier (2012–2014)
Denis Lepage (2012–2014)
Catherine Jardine (2012-2014)
Wendy Easton (2007-2014)
Dick Cannings (2007-2014)
Mark Phinney (2007-2014)
Diana Demarchi (2007-2014)
Wayne Weber (2007-2014)
Christopher Di Corrado∗ (2007–2014)
Rob Butler∗ (2007–2014)
Publication Sub-committee
Chair: Dick Cannings (2012–2015)
Andrew Couturier (2012–2015)
Denis Lepage (2012–2015)
Mark Phinney (2012–2015)
George Clulow (2012–2015)
Anne Murray (2012–2015)
Elsie Krebs (2012-2015)
Nancy Mahony (2012-2015)
Dave Fraser (2012-2015)
Myke Chutter (2012–2015)
Wayne Weber (2012–2015)
Rob Butler (2012–2015)
Christopher Di Corrado (2012–2015)
Data Verification Sub-committee
Chair: Christopher Di Corrado
Richard Cannings
Mark Phinney
Robert Butler
Wayne Weber
Ann Nightingale

Project Staff (Bird Studies Canada)

Program and Publication Manager
Peter Davidson (2007-2015)

Atlas Coordinators
Robert Butler (2007–2009)
Christopher Di Corrado (2009-2015)

Assistant Coordinator
Christopher Di Corrado (2007-2009)

Science Advisor
Robert Butler (2010–2014)

Senior Biologist and Editor
Dick Cannings (2007–2015)

Database and Web Manager
Denis Lepage (2008-2015)

Data and Website Technician
Catherine Jardine (2011-2015)

Spatial Analysis and Mapping
Andrew Couturier (2008-2015)
Eva Jenkins (2012-2015)
Philip D. Taylor (2013-2014)
Sonya Richmond (2014-2015)

Data Processing
Tracy Barber (2008-2012)

Field Surveys Staff
Avery Bartels (2011-2012)
Jeremiah Kennedy (2012)
Doug Brown (2010-2012)
Wayne Weber (2010-2012)
Cam Gillies (2010, 2012)
Amy Maund (2011)
Abby Watkins (2011-2012)
Bill Sampson (2012)
Dean Nicholson (2011)
Sandra Kinsey (2010-2012)
Julian Hudson (2011)
Anne McLeod (2010-2011)
Ian Cruickshank (2011)
Field Surveys Staff
Michael Shepard (2010)
Nancy Krueger (2010)
Rick Zammuto (2010)
Phil Ranson (2010-2011)
Mike Boyd (2010)
Ken Wright (2010)
Elsie Stanley (2010)
Adrian Dorst (2010-2011)
Janice Arndt (2010)
Ken Summers (2011)
Kerith McKay (2011)
Aurore Perot (2011)
Sampath Seneviratne (2011-2012)


Species account authors are credited at the end of each account. Section and chapter authors are credited at the beginning of relevant sections and chapters.

Copy Editors

Anne Murray and Myke Chutter collectively copy edited most of the text on this website at least once. Anne did so as a volunteer, and Myke did so whilst working for the British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. The editors thank them both most sincerely for their dedication to this lengthy task.

Reviewers (in addition to the Editors)

Many individuals contributed to the review of species accounts, sections and chapters. The species accounts include an Acknowledgements section, in which individuals who assisted the author in compiling and reviewing the text are thanked.


All photographs are individually acknowledged; all provided their images free-of-charge. Most have websites, which are linked in the acknowledgement. Please contact photographers directly if you wish to use their material.

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